Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia

In 1941, near the Morrum river in Svangsta, Sweden, watchmaker Carl August Borgstrom’s company, Abu Garcia, introduced it’s first fishing reel, the Record, followed by its flagship Ambassadeur round reel in 1952. In the mid-2000s, the introduction of the low-profile REVO baitcast and Vendetta and Veritas rod series cemented Abu Garcia once again as one of the leaders in bass fishing. Partnering with some of the best and most notable pros, in the ensusuing years, Abu Garcia continues to build on it’s solid foundation and long history of excellence in fishing.

Abu Garcia makes some of the fines fishing reels in the world, and here at Fandango Fishing we’ve featured many of their models at the top of our product reviews. And due to their high quality fishing reels, some anglers have changed the question “which reel should I buy?” into “which Abu Garcia reel should I buy?”

However, finding the right Abu Garcia reel isn’t that easy, since they have so many great models to choose from. Especially when it comes to baitcasters, you have to choose between 26 low profile baitcasters, plus 12 round baitcasting reels in their lineup.

The Making Of Abu Garcia

The Garcia Corporation USA, formerly known as Charles Garcia & Company, New York, the largest sports participant distributing and manufacturing company in its time started importing and marketing Abu’s many reels in the 1950s, including the world famous Ambassadeur reels.

Garcia was then also marketing another famous brand of reels the Mitchell spinning reel from France and has been doing so since 1947. However, in 1980 the partnership between Abu and Mitchell S.A. of France dwindled and Abu acquired the New Jersey based Garcia Tackle Company and changed the name to Abu Garcia.

Abu Garcia Revolutionizes Fishing

Abu Garcia introduced a series of reels and other fishing products in the early 1950s many of which are now hunted by collectors such as the Swedish built ABU 444, the company’s first spinning reel introduced in 1955 before the Cardinal series.

In 1957, the company became well known for its invention of the advanced spin cast reel invented for anglers that wanted the best of both worlds; both spinning and baitcasting reel in one called the Abumatic. The Abumatic featured several engineering innovations such as the level-wind mechanisms, under-rod spin cast designs (Abu 500 series) and improved drag for fighting large gamefish.

There is also the world famous Ambassadeur series of baitcasting reels, which uses advanced metal alloys, ball-bearing friction interfaces, and precisely-cut gears, was introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, and subsequent Ambassadeur models are still produced by the company till today.

Till today Abu Garcia is still revolutionizing the way we fish by introducing advanced innovations into the tackle world such as carbon matrix™ drag system, the strongest drag system for fishing reels today, Duragear ™, X-craftic™ reel body, HPCR® bearings, etc.

Best Abu Garcia Reels & Rods in 2021:

1. Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4

If you desire a baitcaster that delivers extensive casting distance, precision action, and all-around smoothness when fishing your favorite lake, river or inshore fishery then this high-quality Abu Garcia Gen 4 Revo STX reel fits the bill.

Relatively lightweight at 7.3 oz and compact, this fourth-generation low-profile Abu Garcia reel offers a whole-new feel for anglers. With the silver matte finish atop ergonomic handling with both aluminum sideplate, and the tougher than nails C6 carbon palm sideplate, this reel is built to last no matter what the elements, even saltwater.

The Revo STX baitcast reel also offers three-gear ratios that cater to a variety of rig sizes, set-ups, and conditions. Choosing your preferred gear ratio that fits can get daunting for some, so here’s some brief insight on the available gear ratios for the Gen 4.

2. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

The Revo Inshore is available in 4 models, Revo Inshore 30, Revo Inshore 35, Revo Inshore 40 and the largest of the models – the Revo Inshore 60 – for your larger species such as Stripers, Sailfish, Tuna, Snook and Bull Redfish.

A few of the features that make this reel great for inshore fishermen and women are the HPCR corrosion resistant bearings, stainless steel main shaft and machined aluminum gears which when combined deliver a reel that is smooth and durable.

Abu Garcia uses a computer-generated cog gear design which means that the gears have a precision to them that makes them smooth. The rocket line management system controls the oscillation system and the bail angle. This means that the way that the line comes off the spool is much more controlled, allowing for a better casting experience.

This feature also comes into play when retrieving the line as it means that you will have a much evener line lay on the spool and we all know that even line lay means smoother casting.

3. Abu Garcia Virtual Casting Rod

Abu Garcia Virtual Casting Rod

As a slightly more expensive model than the Vendetta, Abu Garcia’s Virtual Casting Rod is the type of rod that requires a bit of deliberation before purchasing.

That deliberation isn’t necessarily because of a price difference, however. This particular rod allows you to sync information directly with your phone, hence the name “Virtual.”You can record catches, weights, weather conditions, and more.

As a tough-but-sensitive graphite rod, the Virtual Casting Rod also isn’t simply a tech-gimmick. It is crafted with the same engineering that has helped Abu Garcia develop its foothold in the fishing rod industry for years.

4. Abu Garcia Veritas PLX Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia Veritas PLX Spinning Rods

The Veritas PLX is the first spinning rod from Abu Garcia on our list. The company is so confident in this product that they compare it to a “surgical instrument.”

At first glance, it’s easy to see why. This long, light-weight rod is glimmering white. It’s also designed with precision in mind.

It’s also made to be lighter than older Abu models while being 15% stronger. Coming in medium light, medium, and medium heavy power, it’s also a versatile rod that can be used for crappie, bass, and even channel catfish.



It is one of the best spinning reels on the market. Abu Garcia has put a lot of effort and knowledge into creating this product. This reel offers high performance at an affordable price. The model is equipped with 10 stainless steel ball bearings and also has a roller bearing. They allow the reel to perform smoothly. This product is known for its lightness.

Your hands will not get tired thanks to the ultra-light aluminum frame. The accessory is equipped with the Rocket Line Management System. This allows you to control all types of lines. It is a durable and strong product thanks to the Everlast bail system. Last but not least, I would like to highlight the stylish and attractive design of this reel. The combination of green, black, and red looks attractive and mesmerizing.



This is a state-of-the-art spinning reel with many innovative details. The Abu Garcia Revo Ike series was designed by Mike Iaconelli. It offers the power, comfort, speed, and action that every angler would expect from their fishing tackle.

In addition to these characteristics, the character of the reel is reflected in the distinctive design. The accessory is equipped with 10 ball bearings for smooth operation. It is equipped with the well-known Carbon Matrix drag system. Your hands will not get tired throughout the entire fishing trip thanks to the IM-C6 body design and C6 carbon rotor.

7. Abu Garcia Black Max

Abu Garcia Black Max

The Abu Garcia Black Max is one of the most affordable fishing reels you can buy from Abu Garcia. The good news is Abu Garcia didn’t sacrifice its high-quality standards to give consumers an affordable fishing reel!

There are actually six different fishing reels in this line. This means you shouldn’t have any problem finding a size that works for your specific type of fishing.

This reel does only have 3 ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing. This means it isn’t going to have as smooth of a retrieval or as large of a retrieval rate as most of the other fishing reel options from Abu Garcia.

It does have a light-weight graphite frame and rotor – plus an aluminum line spool. It has a good drag system and really is a solid fishing reel.

How To Maintain Abu Garcia Reels?

If well maintained, Abu Garcia reels can be used for a long time. Following these nifty caring tips will help you maintain your Abu Garcia fishing reel and keep it in top-notch condition for quite a long time.

  • Clean the reels regularly. Cleaning the outside of the reel is also essential.
  • Do not keep your reel or the rod lying on the ground for too long.
  • Store the reel upright in a bag or case.
  • Wrap the reel with a linen cloth for added protection from humidity or unwanted damage.
  • Wipe up the reel adequately after fishing is done.
  • Lubricate the gear after cleaning and handle knobs frequently.
  • Change the lining regularly.


What Ambassadeur reels are made in Sweden?

The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000A is made in Sweden. The round reels usually have a Swedish origin.

Is Abu Garcia a good fishing brand?

Abu Garcia is the most recognized fishing reels brand. It has created some of the most popular rods and reels of freshwater fishing in the history of sports fishing.

Are Abu Garcia reels worth the money?

Abu Garcia reels made in Sweden are pretty expensive. If you are passionate about fishing, then the money is worth it. If taken care of, it will sustain a decade.

While buying look make sure it is made in Sweden if you want the best quality. A dishonest seller might fool you with the Chinese one saying that it’s the original build.

Can Abu Garcia reels be used in saltwater?

Abu Garcia C4 Ambassadeur Baitcasting Reel specializes in saltwater. They are approved for use in both freshwater and saltwater.

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