Best Baitcasting Rods

Best Baitcasting Rods

First-time anglers would probably have used spinning or spin casting rods, as these types of rods are much easier to learn. However, if you want to be called a real fisherman and be able to capture heavier fish, then you should be able to try baitcasting rods. You need to find the best baitcasting rod to enhance your fishing experience with some prize-winning catches.

Here, we would like to present you with our finding of the top baitcasting rods in today’s market, along with detailed reviews on what to look for if you want to transition into a bonafide baitcaster. Read on and you will definitely find your right match.

What To Look For When Buying A Baitcasting Bass Rod

Now that you’ve seen some awesome examples of baitcasting rods for bass fishing, now let’s talk a little more about how you can make a choice on one. There are many things you’ll want to keep in mind before committing to one, and I’m here to help you with that. Let’s take a look.


Here’s a simple way to put it. First, power is equal to pressure, as far as casting is concerned. In other words, a rod’s power indicates the amount of pressure required to make it bend. Think of a rod’s power in terms of the size of fish that a rod can handle.

A light power rod is designed to handle less pressure, making it suitable for a small fish. Of course, as you may have already figured out, ultra-light rods are your best bet for finesse applications.

Trying to get a large fish into your boat using a light or ultra-light rod is usually an uphill task. The simply isn’t designed to handle such pressure.

On the other hand, heavy power rods are designed to handle larger fish since it takes a whole lot of pressure on the end of the line to bend the rod. These rod types are best suited for deep-sea fishing and similar applications.


The action of a fishing rod describes how sensitive and how the power is distributed down through the rod blank from the tip to the butt.

  • Fast action – The majority of the bend in the rod happens in the top one third closest to the tip. A fast action rod will allow for much greater sensitivity and quicker hook sets at the expense of casting distance.
  • Moderate action – the moderate action rod will start to bend in the middle third of the rod. They are a good all round choice. Usually used for crankbaits and slightly longer casts.
  • Slow action – Slow action rods are good for casting distance as you can get all the power out of the full blank. They tend to start bending lower down than the other two are are good for using when fishing with natural bait.

Rod Length

The best rod length generally comes down to what you want to do with the rod. Of course, you want to go fishing probably on your new canoe, but do you want more accuracy, or are you hoping to make long-distance casting?

The length of the rod you choose will greatly impact these two factors, but there’s more. It also determines the leverage with which you fish and, most importantly, how comfortable you are fishing with the rod.

We recommend choosing a shorter rod (about 6 feet or less) if you want a more accurate cast within a small body of water. Shorter rods are easier to manage and maneuver. When precise accuracy matters less, you can go with a long rod (over 7 feet). A 7-foot rod is okay for general purpose fishing.

It is important to consider your personal comfort when choosing a rod length. Just because your favorite pro angler uses a 10-foot baitcasting rod doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Consider your height and how easy it will be to handle the rod before deciding what is best for you. Tall individuals are likely more comfortable with longer rods than shorter people.

Rod Material: Graphite vs. Fiberglass

When it comes to materials, you have two choices. Graphite is more expensive, but it offers improved durability, strength, and sensitivity. These are typically the bass rods you want to go with, and sometimes you can find a composite mixture like some of the choices offered above. These rods combine elements of both graphite and fiberglass.

Fiberglass rods are very flexible, but they lack the durability and strength of graphite. With that comes a lower price as well. You’ll find that many of the major brands like Daiwa, Berkley, St. Croix, and Shimano have gone away from fiberglass and only make graphite rods at this point. There is also carbon fiber which is considered the highest quality material.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the material and focus on the overall reviews and features of the rod. If there isn’t a lot of concern about the rod breaking or falling apart and it’s fiberglass, give it a shot because you never know what you’ll find!


Line guides are usually built from a metal frame and can have either ceramic inserts of a aluminum oxide. The most famous line guide manufacturer is probably Fuji.

Line guides on a baitcasting rod tend to be smaller than on a spinning rod. When casting a spinning rod and reel the line will come of the reel spool in a big arc, this requires that the first few line guides are quite wide.

A baitcasting reel however will let the line out almost parallel to the rod blank especially if it is a low profile baitcaster. Our choice would be the St Croix Mojo Bass. A close second would be the Daiwa Tatula. Both rods offer great casting performance are of very high build quality for the money.

Our Top Picks

1. St Croix Mojo Bass Baitcasting Rod

St Croix Mojo Bass Baitcasting Rod

The St. Croix Mojo Bass series casting rods are of high-end quality at a reasonable price. Each option delivers a superior performing technique-specific rod. Their crankbaiting models are constructed with high-quality S-glass for the perfect flex and action. Every rod blank in the line is made with SCIII graphite for improved sensitivity.

These are designed for the serious angler ready to make an investment in improving their angling skills. Ranging from 3.7-6.1 ounces depending on which rod you use, the light-weight goes a long way in keeping you less fatigued when putting in long days on the water. Other key features include beautiful, premium-grade cork handles, 3-D guides with aluminum rings, and Fuji reel seats. If you’re ready to take your bass fishing to the next level, the Mojo baitcasting rods by St. Croix are a fantastic choice.

2. Abu Garcia Vengeance Baitcasting Rod

Abu Garcia Vengeance Baitcasting Rod

Abu Garcia’s Vengeance baitcasting rods are great mid-level poles. The available lengths, powers, and actions are kept simple while providing suitable specifications to fit a wide variety of fishing techniques. Their 24-Ton graphite blanks make for an adequately lightweight and sensitive fishing pole.

Other features that make the Vengeance series stand out from lower-end rods are its EVA foam grips, which are high-density for extra comfort and tough enough to last under the beating sun and water saturation. The line guides, too, are corrosion-resistant stainless steel, while their inserts are titanium, making them great for use with heavy braided lines.

Although 24-Ton graphite is the base-point material for a good rod blank, it still provides better sensitivity than many fiberglass rods at a similar price. There is only one action available, too, but the fast tip is great for throwing jigs and wrenching bass out of heavy cover, and will still provide good success for other techniques that are more ideally used with a moderate action, like crankbaits. If you want some good fishing without paying a fortune, Abu Garcia’s Vengeance baitcasting series are a good value.

3. Lew’s Custom Lite Speed Stick Baitcasting Rod

Lew’s Custom Lite Speed Stick Baitcasting Rod

Lew’s Custom Lite Speed Stick baitcaster rods are tournament-grade, technique-specific custom sticks. Made with HM85 85-million-modulus graphite, they could pull a car out of a lake while still being highly sensitive and, as the name implies, extremely light.

Lew’s uses their proprietary Power Core blank construction of several layers of graphite lain running in multiple directions, which equates to less material for the lighter weight, but without sacrificing strength. The stainless steel guides with titanium inserts provide fast and smooth castability, and vibrations from the line are felt significantly on your finger through the SoftTouch skeletal reel seat.

Polymer grips on the handles are extra durable and give you a sturdy hold no matter how wet the conditions. The butt-stock is also shortened, which makes for easier frog-walking and jig-pitching. The price is up there, but for professional-grade fishing, these rods are worth every penny.

4. Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

The Fury Casting Rods are an excellent option for any bass fisherman. Built to a price that will not break the bank, these rods still deliver the quality that has made them a great option for experienced anglers.

Featuring a sensitive high modulus graphite blank that’s performance balanced, this rod will provide the sensitivity that any bass fisherman is looking for. Fuji reel seats, secured with Kevlar wrapping, provide an excellent foundation for your reel, while AA grade cork grips, with high-density Hypalon butts, ensure all-day comfort.

It has what it takes to tackle a range of applications, from topwater to flipping, and the Dobyns Rods Fury Casting Rods deliver the technique-specific performance anglers have come to expect from Dobyns Rods.

Whether you’re looking for an extra rod for your lineup or wanting to find an affordable option for your first baitcasting rod. Dobyns Fury Casting Rods are definitely worth a look.

5. FAVORITE White Bird Powered Casting Rod

FAVORITE White Bird Powered Casting Rod

Known for its unique design and impressive performance, the Favorite White Bird Casting Rods deliver an uncanny amount of versatility and precision that is hard to match.

Sporting a premium IM24 ton blank that features a multi-layer structure designed with varying modulus and direction carbon fibers, the White Bird Casting Rods offer torsional resistance and a greater degree of strength than other rods in its class.

To help facilitate longer, more accurate casts, the Favorite White Bird Casting Rods feature SiC Guides that allow a smoother and more efficient transition of energy.

Finished with a split cork handle for added comfort and durability, the Favorite White Bird Casting Rods deliver everything a bass angler needs to cover a wide range of fishing applications.

6. Cadence CR7B

You can spend a lot of money on a good rod, and they get expensive quickly. And while it’s generally true that you get what you pay for, not every angler can afford to throw a few hundred dollars after a rod. For the budget-minded, it’s important to find affordable quality.

The Cadence CR7 series of rods offers features that you’d expect at a much higher price point. For instance, rather than graphite, these rods use a carbon fiber blank, and all-in-all, you can count us as impressed by the components the CR7 offers!

We recommend the 7’ multi-purpose rod as a great place to start if you’re looking for an all-arounder. It offers a medium-heavy blank with plenty of backbone to play large fish and a tip that’s sensitive enough for good lure action and excellent strike detection.

7. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Fishing Rod

Shakespeare has a long tradition of fishing excellence. Their Ugly Stik GX2 represents the latest in this trail of technological innovation. The Ugly Stik has been around a while but continues to provide the best overall performance, at an incredibly reasonable price.

The unique graphite and fiberglass construction creates an almost unbreakable rod, that will have you on the edge of your seat when it bends with the weight of a heavy fish on the other end of the line.

Strong, but light describe the construction. Its durability, along with a clear tip design that can sense the lightest strike make this the best baitcasting rod for the money on the market for many anglers. It is available from five-and-half feet to seven-and-a-half feet, all in one piece models.

8. St. Croix LMC76XHF Legend

St. Croix LMC76XHF Legend

The Legend features an exotic, proprietary, carbon fiber construction that provides increased strength, without sacrificing increased rod diameter or weight. An integrated poly curve technology allows the rod to flex smoothly across its entire length, creating smoother action, greater sensitivity, and increased strength.

Tangle-free machined aluminum line guides are wound solidly into the rod. Aluminum provides greater corrosion control if you’re working in saltwater. The rod is a single piece, 7’6” beauty with fast action, that can handle line weights from 50 to 100 pounds. With all these features, the rod weighs just 8.6 ounces. The high-quality cork that St. Croix is famous for, finishes off this top-of-the-line rod, making it a highly valued piece of fishing hardware.

9. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Baitcasting Rod

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Baitcasting Rod

KastKing has established a solid reputation for quality fishing gear that makes fishing fun. These top rated KastKing Perigee II baitcasting rods deliver a flawless performance that makes fishing excursions successful and enjoyable.

These rods have affordable price tags but the quality, feel and action is at the same level as more expensive poles. The twin-tip styles offer fantastic value as each pole comes with two tips. You get to choose between a medium light power with a medium tip and a medium power with a medium heavy tip.

10. Entsport E Series

Entsport E Series

One of the main problems that fishermen face, which you must have guessed from our article, is the tip of the baitcasting rod breaking while fishing. This can happen due to many reasons; the rod might have been too light for the kind of fish you were going after, or the fish might have been heavier than you anticipated.

Luckily, the Entsport E series baitcasting rod comes with three tips that you can travel with. In case you break a tip, you also get a spare one included in the package. It’s is a great deal for the money as you do not have to spend extra cash on a spare tip.

The casting rod also has a great parabolic bend that makes fishing much easier. Your casting rod can now bend as much as needed without you having to worry about the thing snapping in two pieces.


What is the best length for a baitcasting rod?

Experts mostly prefer 6 feet rods. In some cases, they also prefer something less than 6 feet. This helps them to aim accurately and place the bait where they want to. It comes very handy if you are fishing in dirty water or water where there is vegetation.

Can a Baitcaster go on any rod?

If you want, you can, however, it is not the best choice according to experts. This is because the spinning will be interrupted and there will be a problem will the guide of the bait.

Are expensive Baitcasters worth it?

There is a reason that the rod is expensive. Maybe the rod is made up of excellent material or maybe some other feature that will help you to enhance your fishing experience.

So if you are an expert, you can find them worth it. However, if you are just starting as an angler, then it will be wise not to waste money on something that you might not like.

How do I choose a bass rod?

Bass fishing is different from open water or other fishing. Because this place is full of grass and a little bit brushwood. For that reason, it needs always a strong and heavy combination of baitcasting rods and reels.

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