Best Fishing Hooks

Best Fishing Hooks

Fishing hooks are the most important tools in your tackle box. Whether you are a newbie angler or a seasoned fishing enthusiast, investing in quality fish hooks will help you catch your prized fish.

Whatever type of fishing expedition you have planned, freshwater fishing in a lake, river, stream, or trawling for saltwater fish in the deep blue sea, your ability to hook your next big catch depends on the overall quality of your fishing hooks. Fishing hooks should be strong, sharp, durable, and reliable.

Popular Fishing Hook Styles

With a good understanding of hook components, let’s look at basic and advanced hooks to add to your tackle box.

Bait Hooks Hold the Bait in Place

Bait fish hookBait fishing hooks come in a variety of styles and are the white-bread option of hooks. Most feature barbs on the shaft to hold bait in place. Longer shank hooks are good for teaching kids to fish, while shorter shank ones are often used in snells. The Bass Pro Shops Baitholder hook is one popular bait hook that has a 4.6 star rating.

Circle Fishing Hooks Help Prevent Gut Hooking Fish

Circle Fishing HookThe term circle fishing hook refers to a specific design for fishing hooks that causes them to appear circular in shape. Used primarily for live bait fishing, these hooks increase hooking percentages and also help to prevent gut hooking fish. When a strike occurs, the hook slides out of the fish’s throat. The barb does not penetrate until the hook reaches the corner of the mouth. At that point, the hook point pivots and sets for a safe, solid hookup.

The primary thing to remember about circle hooks is that they do not require a standard hard, hook set. In fact, setting the hook in that manner will almost guarantee that a fish is lost. Instead, simply cranking down and applying steady pressure works best.

Treble Fishing Hooks Work Well for Cut Bait & Artificial Baits

Treble hooks feature three bends and points in one hook. Trebles provide greater coverage for artificial baits such as crankbaits, jerkbaits or topwater baits. Bait anglers also use trebles. Cut bait for catfish or threading minnows for trolling salmon or trout are examples where trebles are regularly used.

Siwash Fishing Hooks Adapt Well to Replace Other Hooks

Siwash fishing hookSiwash fishing hooks have a long shank and a straight eye to ensure they sit properly on lures. Siwash hooks are often used on single-hook baits, such as spinnerbaits. They’re also an excellent alternative to factory-provided treble hooks on spoons and other baits. These hooks are handy to replace treble hooks on hard-baits when fishing a zone that limit hook points on a per lure. The VMC Siwash Open Eye hook is a quality Siwash hook.

Aberdeen Hooks are Often Used for Bait Fishing

Aberdeen fishing hooks are composed of a lighter wire than Siwash hooks and are often used for bait fishing. The thin metal easily hooks bait with minimal damage so it stays lively. Light wire also makes them a good option when fishing timber for crappie. When snagged, you can sometimes bend the hook and pull it free with a bit of pressure.

How to Choose a Saltwater Fishing Hook

When trying to decide and what hooks you need for your next fishing trip, there are a few things you want to consider.

Type of Hook

For most kinds of saltwater fishing, you will probably be using either a circle hook or an octopus hook. Circle hooks are circular in shape and mainly used for live baits. Circle hooks are shaped to be more effective for catch and release fishing because they are less likely to gut a fish and instead penetrate the side of the mouth. Octopus hooks are similar to circle hooks but the curved shank is a little more straight. They are typically used for bait fishing and when a lower hook weight is needed.

Another common type of hook is the treble hook. Treble hooks are typically not used with live baits, but for artificial lures. They feature three hook points from a single shank.


Most hooks are made from some kind of steel such as carbon or stainless. Saltwater hooks should be made from a material that is rust-resistant because saltwater is more likely to cause rust. Looks for some sort of corrosion-resistant steel for optimal results.


For most saltwater fishing you will only be using a size 1/0 and above hook. The size hook you will need will ultimately depend on the size of the mouth of the fish species in the waters you are fishing. Smaller mouth fish need smaller hooks, whereas conversely, fish with larger mouths typically need larger hooks. The size bait you are using also needs to be a factor when you consider your hook. Smaller baits mean smaller hooks. So keep that in mind when shopping.

Our Top Picks

1. Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

We like these hooks because they’re not only effective at hooking fish but they are made in an environmentally friendly manner.

Taking care of the environment is important for us as fishermen, so we’re happy when fishing companies keep that in mind.

For the price, these hooks are durable, long-lasting, and can be changed out without concern. If you’re looking for one of the best hooks to go after that monster pike, then look no further, these have been tested and they work!

2. Mustad Classic 4 Extra Strong Kingfish Treble Hook

Mustad Classic 4 Extra Strong Kingfish Treble Hook

This hook is the gold standard when it comes to treble hooks on the market today. It’s not uncommon for fishermen to get a lure and immediately replace the trebles on them with these.

That’s because it’s nearly impossible for a fish to headshake free from them. They have a unique bend in the hook that forces the jaw into a spot that traps the hook against the jaw.

Couple that with patented Wire Technology that allows for a lighter yet stronger hook and you’re dangerous out there on the water. We like their inline eyelet as well that allows the fisherman to set the hook with efficiency. Whether you’re going for channel cats or stripers, these hooks will hold up just fine.

3. Eagle Claw 139GEH-8 Snelled Hooks

Eagle Claw 139GEH-8 Snelled Hooks

One of the most recognized and highly regarded names in the fishing industry, Eagle Claw provides anglers with quality fishing hooks in its 139GEH-8 Snelled Hooks 6-pack, which can be used for a range of species.

Made in the US, they have been quality and field-tested by fishing experts for reliability, strength, and durability, which makes them a popular choice with angling enthusiasts.

This 6-pack contains size 8 hooks that are pre-tied, so you can spend your valuable time catching fish and less time snelling the hooks. The red color is highly reflective in the water to help you have more success in attracting fish. Although they are primarily designed for small and medium-sized freshwater fish, they are not suited for large saltwater fish.

4. Shaddock Fishing Offset Circle Fishing Hooks Kit

Shaddock Fishing Offset Circle Fishing Hooks Kit

The pack contains 180 circle hooks that come in 6 sizes: 1-50pcs, 1/0-50pcs, 2/0-20pcs, 3/0-20pcs, 4/0- 20pcs, and 5/0-20pcs.

All the hooks have been quality and field-tested for reliability, durability, and strength. They have a pronounced circular bend, a short shank, an inward bending point, and a ringed eye, which makes it easier to snell a fishing line.

Made from high carbon steel, they have high corrosion resistance in freshwater and saltwater. You can use them for live bait to catch yellowtail, bass, rockfish, or catfish in the lake, pond, reservoir, rock-fishing, or on a boat at sea.

5. Mustad UltraPoint Demon Fishing Hooks

Mustad UltraPoint Demon Fishing Hooks

The Mustad UltraPoint Demon fishing hooks are perfect single point hooks, for both freshwater and saltwater. Exclusively constructed of rust-resistant carbon steel and a black nickel coating, they are sturdy and durable and can resist fish bites and rock hits whilst their professionally articulated curves guarantee a precision catch, hook and release of the target fish. Additionally, the black nickel coating gives the Mustad fishing hooks their anti-corrosive properties even with prolonged usage in saltwater.

You can use these fishing hooks over and over again. Their wire technology construction accounts for their lightweight finish, this, however, does not affect their durability or strength, and the technology in fact it makes them even sturdier and stronger. They are available in sizes 3/0 to 10/0 – to allow catching a variety of species and sizes of fish and come in 25pc packaging.

6. JSHANMEI Octopus Fishing Hooks

JSHANMEI Octopus Fishing Hooks

The JSHANMEI Octopus fishing hooks are suitably constructed with carbon steel to allow for use in both saltwater and freshwater. Strong and highly resistant to corrosion, they are further designed to be very sharp but with special barb hook design that reduces the risk of killing the fish without securing their catch. The barb, however, may sometimes be too small to hold some fish in position.

The swept-back closed eye design, circular bend, inward bending point and a short shank guarantees fishermen a successful hook and hold to more fish. The JSHANMEI Octopus fishing hooks are circular and come in a reusable plastic box of 150pcs – each of 25pcs divided into sizes 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0. This allows for different species and sizes of fish to be caught.

7. Bassdash 175-pcs Octopus Offset Fishing Hook

Bassdash 175-pcs Octopus Offset Fishing Hook

The Bassdash Aberdeen hooks pack is a must-have for dedicated Panfish, Crappies, Sunfish and Perch anglers. You’ll be prepared for a number of fishing techniques to land the big fish with this Bassdash Hook Assortment Pack.

Lastly, this Octopus offset fishing hooks assortment pack is made for anglers of all skill levels. This kit contains forged steel, closed eyes barbed, and off-set pressing blade point hooks. This contains everything you need for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

8. Drasry Fishing Hooks for Saltwater And Freshwater

Drasry Fishing Hooks for Saltwater And Freshwater

Made of high carbon steel with high strength and corrosion resistance drasry fishing hooks suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The quality of these hooks are excellent and Perfect for all types of fisher. If you are looking for Sharp quality and field tested fishing hooks then drasry fishing hooks can be trusted for reliabilty.

These hooks come in a portable plastic box for keeping the different sizes separated and easy to access. A lifetime guarantee you will get from Drasry . You will have full refund as you wish during the guarantee periods. Drasry fishing hooks super sharp, super strong with reasonable prices.

9. Lazer TroKar

Lazer TroKar

A division of Eagle Claw, TroKar hooks are among the only products in the fishing industry that can rival Daiichi hooks for sharpness and durability. If you want to engage with the Eagle Claw brand, but want a saltwater hook, then the Lazer TroKar is the hook for you.

Manufactured in partnership with a company that makes surgical equipment, Lazer TroKar hooks proudly calls themselves “the first surgically sharpened hook(s) in the world.” With hook names like the “Legendary,” the “Ultimate,” and the “Dominate,” you know that Lazer TroKar isn’t a brand that would kid around about the sharpness, penetration, strength, or overall quality of its products.

10. Partridge Patriot Up-Eye Double

Partridge Patriot Up-Eye Double

This is a unique hook if you’re looking to do some of the newer salmon and steelhead patterns for your next outing. Some might even say they are the best salmon hooks on the market.

If you’re going to be tying your own flies, then you might as well do it on some high-quality and durable hooks. Don’t let the dream fish getaway because you wanted to save a few pennies on hooks.


Hooks are an important part of your fishing arsenal. This manual describes the general terms used to describe fishing hooks and their meanings. This is important information you need to know so that you can make informed purchases when it’s time to stock up on hooks.

All hooks have an eye, a shank, a gap, a tip, and notches, but variations of these characteristics lead to dozens of types of hooks.

  • Eye: A ring that attaches a hook to a bait or fishing line. The eye is the point of connection with the fishing line or body of the bait. Ringed eyes are the most common. The metal is bent in a uniform loop, and the end sits flush with the shank.
  • Shank: The same as the throat, but on the blunt end. This is the length from the eye to the point where the bend begins. Shanks are short, medium, or long and have a big impact on how the hook is used. Short shanks are often used for professional fishing when a compact hook and minimum weight are critical. Middle shanks are the most common and are used in many fishing situations. Longshanks is used to match the long profile of the artificial bait.
  • Gap/Clearance: The distance between the throat and the shank. The gap is the size of the bend in the hook from the shank to its point. A medium-sized gap is suitable in most situations, but sometimes a large gap is required. A wide gap is used to equip bait with a thick body to ensure that the point of the hook is open on the set of hooks, and not limited by the volume of the bait.
  • Point: The sharp bit that pierces the fish’s mouth. This is the conical end of the hook and the sharp point penetrating the mouth of the fish. Forms can be different – a needle, a knife tip, a spear, or a roll. Quality hooks are packed extremely sharp and will hold the point longer than cheaper ones.

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