When it comes to deciding how to choose bait for fishing, there are key distinctions between natural bait vs artificial that new anglers should learn. While using bait that is more appropriate to the kind of fishing you are planning to do is important, the good news is that fishContinue Reading

You have your tackle box stocked with new lures, a great new saltwater spot picked out, and an open day on your schedule. It just might be time to get out on the boat or over to the pier and wet a line if the fishing conditions are right. ButContinue Reading

The boat is in the marina! Jorge, from our hotel LA Sirena releases his first sailfish! Congrats! What is a sailfish? Sailfish are a type of billfish (like the blue marlin or swordfish). Originally, there were thought to be two species in the world, the Atlantic sailfish (Istiophorus albicans) andContinue Reading

We offer several different fishing trips and packages, both offshore and inshore. The main difference between trip deals and package deals is that trip deals don’t include accomodations at Hotel La Sirena and airport ground transfer. Of course we can customize anything according to the number of anglers in yourContinue Reading

Costa Rica is world famous for its consistent year round sportfishing action and for both inshore fishing as well as offshore fishing it is a true anglers paradise! The Fandango and its home, Quepos’ Marina Pez Vela (home of the annual Offshore World Championship!) are located on the Central PacificContinue Reading

Are you searching for the names of different types of fish in English? Fish are a diverse group of animals that vary in size, shape, and color. Their behavior also varies immensely from species to species — as does their living environments and dynamics with other animals. But what exactlyContinue Reading

While tying a Bimini twist or a Duncan loop isn’t as exciting as fooling a large brown trout, it’s all part of the wonderful, complex world of fly fishing. What makes fly fishing so fascinating is the many interlocking facets, and the depths to which you can plunge into everyContinue Reading

Breastfeeding is only natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to pull off in public. Nursing covers are the answer if you feel the need for privacy while nursing in a public space. Today’s nursing covers are far more than a blanket thrown over the shoulder. They’re made inContinue Reading

The best gaming desk is an investment in ergonomics, and that more or less translates into an investment in your own wellbeing. So let’s say it’s pretty important to get right. The best gaming desk can be integral to creating the ultimate gaming experience as a quality chair, with adjustableContinue Reading

A trampoline can make exercising fun and can put less pressure on joints than other exercise forms. Full-size trampolines are pretty big, and not everyone has a spacious backyard. Mini trampolines are a great way to get the benefits of a regular trampoline in a small space, be it anContinue Reading