Your saltwater fishing tackle will be in perfect harmony when you’re using the right reel for the fish you chase. A good fishing reel provides just the right amount of counterbalance to a fishing rod during casting, while also giving good drag resistance while batting with your next catch. OurContinue Reading

What makes a good fly reel? From my perspective, a good fly reel doesn’t fail, wobble, fall apart, or seize. A good fly reel simply gets the job done and looks good while doing it. In the world of fly reels, there are countless designs and design choices to chooseContinue Reading

When I first started fishing in the 1980s, baitcasting reels were mysterious and a little bit daunting. The old-timers told us tales of monstrous “bird’s nests” and “backlashes,” which they euphemized as “professional overruns.” Because the baitcasting reels’ spools spin freely, unlike that of a spinning reel, any difference inContinue Reading

Line counters make it much easier to keep your bait in the desired fishing range. When you know both the speed your boat is traveling and the amount of line you have off the reel, determining the depth you are fishing at becomes much easier. When fishing with multiple lines,Continue Reading

Spincast reels – also known as “push button” or “closed face” reels – get a bad rap. That’s largely the result of the fact that, unlike most “serious” tackle, many of them come in cellophane-coated packages that require a staple remover to fully unravel it. Their image isn’t bolstered byContinue Reading

Spinning reels were historically plagued by line twists and balky drag systems, but the wide range of open-faced reels on the market today leave those stereotypes in the dust. Even at a bargain price, you can get a multi-bearing precision tool capable of wearing down a rampaging gamefish. They alsoContinue Reading

The two most essential pieces of fishing equipment are the rod and reel. They work together to help you effectively catch fish. Both are equally important, because they allow you to cast, control the lure or bait, control a fish, and bring it close to hand. The best reels willContinue Reading