Lew Childre’s quest for a better bamboo fishing pole took him from the heart of bass fishing country, Alabama, all the way to Japan. There, he found the desired grade of bamboo, but also a circle of manufacturers and businessmen who were interested in fishing and the US market. That partnership lead to the introduction in 1970 of the Lew’s Speed Stick pistol-grip graphite performance fishing rods, and the first low-profile “teardrop-shaped” casting reel, the Lew’s Speed Spool baitcaster, a design that forever changed bass fishing. Decades years later, Lew’s continues to innovate in the spirit of Lew Childre.

What to Look for in lews baitcaster

Anglers often don’t know where to start when it comes to their equipment. Baitcasting reels are also known as baitcasters and are a great choice for anglers who want to improve their technique and make them a better reel for more advanced anglers. When using these lures in water where there’s a fast current, it’s helpful that the retrieve is faster than when using crankbaits or buzz baits, so the swimbait will stay in front of the lure.

Light vs. heavy reel

Beginners will most likely want to opt for a lightweight baitcaster. There are many options to choose from in this category. Lightweight reels are easier to use and help balance the rod better. If you’re more experienced, however, heavier reels – which usually are the older, classic “round” shape – tend to last longer due to their simpler components and rugged construction. These reels can handle heavier rigs than smaller, lighter reels.

Round vs. low profile

Round baitcasters hold a lot more line, which is desirable for super-long casts. Low-profile baitcasters are part of a newer design that further reduces line twist when casting. They’re also lightweight and easy to handle.

Drag adjustment

The drag setting is located on the crank between the handle and the reel. You use it to set the amount of resistance on the line. Rotating the drag system backward lessens the drag, allowing a fish to pull more line; rotating the drag forward increases resistance, making it harder for a fish to pull line off the reel.

Spool tension knob

Located just behind the crank, the spool tension knob fine-tunes the drag resistance setting and is set after the drag adjustment is made. Just as with the drag setting, rotating the spool tension knob forward increases tension, while rotating it backward lessens tension.

Braking system

Available on some baitcasting rods and located on the reel opposite the crank, the braking system helps prevent backlash and provides more fine-tuned control of how the line spools out. Keep in mind that the higher you set the braking system, the less distance you’ll get in your cast. The tradeoff is better control of the cast and an even lower chance of backlash.

Crank ratio

On the side of the baitcasting reel body or on the packaging, you may see a ratio marking such as 7:1, 5:1, or 6:1. This indicates the number of times the reel rotates each time you crank the handle. A 7:1 ratio means that for each single crank rotation, the reel rotates seven times. That high ratio means the line can be reeled in much faster, which is great after a really long cast.

Of course, a lower ratio may be more desirable for certain types of fish. You may have an easier time playing a bigger, feistier fish using a 5:1 reel. A lower ratio can also be easier on the fish, which is important if you’re practicing catch-and-release fishing.

Left vs. right handed

Baitcasters can be purchased with the crank either on the right side or the left side of the rod. For some, this creates a potentially more comfortable reeling and casting experience.

Best Lew’s Fishing Gears of 2021:

1. Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel is a high-performance reel designed to handle the demands of anglers looking for maximum speed and smoothness from their baitcasting reels. The Pro-Ti is built on the exclusive SLP Super Low Profile platform, Lew’s lowest profile design.

The Pro- Ti has an aluminum frame and titanium deposition finish that makes it impossible for you to sacrifice strength for style.

The Pro-Ti has a carbon fiber drag system, premium 11 bearings, and a 6-pin 27 position QuietCast Centrifugal Braking System. The main shaft is 1/2 x 20 steel. This lew’s baitcaster is our editor’s pick as best lew’s baitcaster.

2. Lew’s SuperDuty Wide Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lew’s SuperDuty Wide Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lew’s Super Duty Wide Speed Spool Casting Reel brings significantly greater line capacity to a baitcast reel already designed for heavy-duty fishing applications.

Perfect for throwing big umbrella rigs, oversized crankbaits, and giant swimbaits, its sturdy, lightweight, one-piece all-aluminum frame and handles side aluminum side plate ensures no flexing under heavy loads and still allows it to be easily palmable.

The carbon fiber drag system offers smooth drag pressure and up to 14 lbs of max drag, and the high-strength brass gear gives serious power to big fish on heavy lines.

The Magnetic Control System (MCS) allows you to make quick cast control adjustments depending on conditions and lure choice. A ten double-shielded premium stainless steel bearing system with a zero- reverse one-way clutch bearing ensures consistently smooth casts. The Lew’s Super Duty Wide Speed features Lew’s SoftTouch finish for added comfort. This lew’s baitcaster is the best Lew’s baitcaster for High Speed.

3. Lew’s BB1 Speed Spool Baitcasting Reel

Lew’s BB1 Speed Spool Baitcasting Reel

Lew’s baitcasters have taken an integral place among the fishing community for years. Every newly launched model takes time-tested features and comes with a better design that uses advanced technology and materials. Like any other Lew’s baitcasters, the BB1 Speed Spool, too, is no exception.

It provides the perfect balance that every professional wants in a baitcaster – a lightweight rod with solid construction. The drag is super strong even when it just weighs 6.5 ounces. The 6-pins braking system gives you the flexibility to adjust accordingly. Lastly, you can easily keep track of your settings due to an audible click emitted by both the tension knob and brake dial.

4. Lew’s Mach Crush

Lew’s Mach Crush

The Lew’s Mach Crush is one of the best baitcasting reels featuring an automatic controlled brake system. This makes it the perfect tool to use for anglers of all skill levels as it requires less thumbing. It has an adjustable dual cast control system for setting the external click-dial and the magnetic brake makes it a reel appreciated by different types of fishermen.

Considering the construction, the reel is designed with a durable graphite frame and side plates to make it lightweight and sensitive. The main gear and crankshaft are made of solid brass, and the 95mm bowed aluminum handle emphasizes the oversized Winn Dri-Tac knobs to ensure a non-slip grip in all situations.

The reel is equipped with a 10-bearing system with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing for unparalleled fluidity. Also, it features four removable disk-mounted internal brake shoes that perform on centrifugal force.

5. Lew’s American Hero Speed Stick Casting Rods

Lew's American Hero Speed Stick Casting Rods

The Lew’s American Hero Speed Stick Casting Rods feature premium multilayer, multi-directional IM6 graphite blanks reinforced with premium resins. With the purchase of these rods, you are contributing to Lew’s support of our American Veterans through their American Hero Program. Offering excellent sensitivity with plenty of backbone, the American Hero Speed Stick Casting Rods are even lighter, faster and stronger than ever before thanks to Lew’s APT Advanced Performance Technology blank construction process.

Rugged gun smoke stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts deliver proven durability and the lightweight graphite reel seats even feature cushioned stainless steel hoods for added comfort. Split grip handles with premium high density EVA split grips balance out each rod perfectly, and every rod comes equipped with a premium stainless steel titanium coated hook keeper. Available in a range of proven actions and tapers, the Lew’s American Hero Speed Stick Casting Rods are perfect for a range of bass fishing applications.

6. Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rod

Lew's Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rod

Designed with an extreme focus on connectivity, the Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rod employs a range of cutting-edge technologies to ensure a heightened sensitivity. Built upon lightweight, proprietary HM60 graphite blanks, the Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rod boasts Lew’s exclusive VTR (Vibration Transfer Ring), which provides direct contact with the blank and transfers vibration directly to your hands, so you can detect faint nibbles and subtle changes in bottom composition.

Sacrificing nothing in terms of quality, the Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rods are fitted with full length Winn Dri-Tac handles for complete control while fishing. Utilizing high-end components throughout, the Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rods employ stainless steel guide frames with titanium inserts and Lew’s exclusive graphite reel seats. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Super Grip Casting Rod puts performance in the palm of your hand with a revolutionary construction that ensures no bite goes undetected.

7. Lew’s Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods

Lew's Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods

Whether you’re targeting flats, breakwall rip rap, or miles of sandy shoreline, the Lew’s Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods deliver a hardworking construction that is at home in freshwater and saltwater. Built upon premium HM40 graphite blanks, the Lew’s Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods offer an amplified sensitivity, while reserving enough backbone to handle hard-pulling saltwater species.

Loaded with exclusive features that boost durability and performance, the Lew’s Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods feature new G Clutch reel seats with Midas Touch technology that allows direction connection to the blank. Standing up to harsh saltwater environments, the Lew’s Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods come equipped with stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts and stainless-steel corrosion-resistant hook keepers. Complete with custom Winn dri-tac split grips for unmatched traction, even when wet, the Lew’s Inshore Speed Stick HM40 Casting Rods utilize a number of premium features and next level manufacturing technologies to ensure performance, no matter where the bite takes you.

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