Line Counter Reels

Line Counter Reels

Line counters make it much easier to keep your bait in the desired fishing range. When you know both the speed your boat is traveling and the amount of line you have off the reel, determining the depth you are fishing at becomes much easier.

When fishing with multiple lines, line counting reels allow an angler to check multiple depths and also avoid line tangles. Line counter reels make fishing easier for anglers of all skill levels, as the guesswork of manually counting off line is removed from the equation. Also, as a fish is reeled in, you will have a running countdown of the amount of line left out. This will let you known when the fish is about to be at the boat and when to get your net ready.

What is a Line Counter Reel?

Line counter reels are one of the most famous pieces of fishing equipment out there. They are one of the most versatile and flexible pieces of equipment to have in your kit, so they can certainly come in handy. They are somewhat similar to bait casters, however, they cater more to the trolling needs of fishermen than the latter.

Line counter reels have incredible depth control and carry a higher line capacity than some of its counterparts. They are particularly designed to deliver efficiency and accuracy while performing the fishing method known as trolling. They can be used for casting as well, which makes them versatile.

What Does a Line Counter Reel Do?

Line counter reels have earned a reputation for being incredibly accurate and efficient. They are even considered one of the best reels for trolling. Trolling is a very famous method of fishing, which basically involves a single, or at times, multiple lines drawn across the water, which have bait or lures on them.

This effect is achieved through a moving boat or even by slowly winding the line while being in a static position. Depth is a very important factor when it comes to fishing, and the line counter reel gives tremendous depth control and, therefore, is considered to be a must-have by many.

Things to Consider When Buying a Line Counter Reel

Line counter reels are best for fishing in shallow water and not deep-sea fishing. So, when buying a line counter reel, you need to make sure that it comes with a spare line spool.

Remember that it is important to consider the best line counter reel for your needs. So, below are some things to consider when buying one:


The material of the reel will determine the weight of the rotation. Typically, aluminum and graphite are best for a lightweight design or if you need to use an ultra-sensitive lure. The budget reel also exists, but you have to check the material first.

Line Capacity

The line capacity and line length of the best line counter reel should be high enough (high line capacity) to hold the amount of fishing line you need.

The best spinning reels are designed with a drag system that allows for quick hook setting and plenty of power in reeling fish in from a distance. So, higher line capacity is one thing you should check out first.


The drag of your line counter reel will determine the best fishing line to use with it. For instance, salmon and steelhead anglers typically need a reel with more drag power to handle larger fish.

Level Wind

Level wind line counter reels are designed to prevent tangles in the fishing line. It rotates the spool evenly, allowing for a more even distribution of tension on your reel and preventing you from constantly retying knots.


You can use the clickers on line counter reels to count the number of turns on your reel, which helps count fishing lines.

Manual and Electric

Line counter reels come in manual and electric types. Manual line counter reels typically only have a handle with teeth on it that counts the loops of the fishing line as they are tightened around the reel’s spool.

Our Top Picks

1. Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Trolling Reel

Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Trolling Reel

For those looking for a line counter reel, the Okuma Cold Water model is an incredibly popular choice. The entire Cold Water line is based upon a powerful star drag foundation, supported by heavy duty brass gears and a full Carbonite drag system. With the ability to output 20 lbs. of drag, this particular reel model is incredibly powerful. As an additional benefit, the Aluminum ratcheting drag star enables trolling fishermen to set precise drag settings. The custom line counter includes the most recent technological innovation by Okuma: anti-fogging Clear View Technology.

This ensures that if the counter is ever waterlogged, an access port allows for the water to be completely drained and dried away. The line counter’s reset button is slightly recessed, eliminating the possibility of false resets.

2. Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line Walleye Special Level Wind Fishing Reel

Daiwa has long been a trusted manufacturer for top-quality reels, and it is no surprise that their Accudepth model would appear on a top-rated list. No matter what fishing line you are using.

The Daiwa Accudepth line counter reel can be depended upon to provide accurate measurements each and every time.The line is measured in feet, allowing for simple and accurate settings for trolling patterns. The Accudepth Plus system allows for repeated access to the strike zone, redefining the ease and accuracy of locating and landing fish.

The lightweight graphite composite frame allows for enhanced durability without making sacrifices on weight. The Teflon-impregnated felt drag creates an overall drag system that is just as smooth as it is efficient.

3. KastKing ReKon Line Counter

KastKing ReKon Line Counter

The KastKing ReKon should prove to be the perfect line counter reel for any angler who regularly fishes at every available opportunity, and requires the use of a fishing reel that is durable beyond comparison. This reel is constructed from premium machined components and features a 30-pound carbon disc drag system, for enhanced strength and longevity. The KastKing ReKon also features one of the most accurate line counting mechanisms of any reel on the market today.

Many anglers will also likely find favor in the KastKing ReKon’s significant line capacity. This reel utilizes a specialty spool that is capable of holding over 320 yards of 25-pound monofilament fishing line. The KastKing ReKon is compatible with the use of lead core and braided line, further adding to its versatility. This enhanced capacity provides plenty of line for trolling in deep water, as well as for fighting hard-running fish.

4. Sougayilang Line Counter Trolling Reel

Sougayilang Line Counter Trolling Reel

If you regularly seek out the most sizable of fish on any given body of water and need a reel that is up to the task of sustaining endless fight after endless fight, then the Sougayilang Line Counter trolling reel should be worthy of your attention. This trolling reel features a class-leading 40-pound drag system, which operates smoothly, even when under an immense load. The Sougayilang Line Counter also features an anti-reverse roller bearing to prevent the backspooling of line, and promote more efficient hook sets.

The Sougayilang Trolling Reel features a simple to use free spool lever, which makes it easier than ever to feed out the appropriate length of the line. If a fish is caught at a line length of 100-foot, simply cast out your line, flip the reel’s free spool lever, and watch the integrated line counter until your line has reached the desired length. This feature eliminates the need to manually pull a line from a reel, in order to place your bait in the strike zone.

5. Penn Squall LevelWind

Penn Squall LevelWind

The Penn Squall LevelWind should be the perfect line counter trolling reel for any serious angler who is looking to upgrade to the use of a top-tier reel with a host of premium features. This reel is constructed from lightweight graphite for angler comfort, yet uses only the most durable of machined internal components, which are constructed of only the best marine-grade bronze-alloy. The Penn Squall LevelWind utilizes an adjustable Versa Handle, which allows anglers to set handle length as desired.

As its name would suggest, the Penn Squall LevelWind fishing reel also features the company’s specialized LevelWind line guide. This guide moves back and forth as an angler reels, evenly distributing line on the reel’s spool. As a result, line build-up is minimized, and the chance of backlash and line twists is greatly reduced. This is a feature that should be appreciated by any angler who spends a significant amount of time on the water and needs a reel that features a significant degree of reliability.

6. Abu Garcia Line Counter Reel Ambassadeur

Abu Garcia Line Counter Reel Ambassadeur

The Ambassadeur by Abu Garcia is a smooth and seamless line counter reel. The smooth operation is all because of the 2 pieces of stainless steel-made ball bearings with an additional roller bearing. This is why it just reels faster and with optimum precision.

This device also includes solid levers and buttons. You can easily choose the setting you want and get the results you need. Reeling becomes easy and effortless as there is no need to play around the reeling. It just does the job flawlessly all the time.

As for the retrieve, it is right hand only. There is a maximum drag of 15 pounds, so be sure to consider that before purchase. It needs to match the type of fishing you do to get the finest results.

7. YUMOSHI High-Speed Line Counter Fishing Reel

YUMOSHI High-Speed Line Counter Fishing Reel

When you require a practical and reliable line counter reel for saltwater use, the Yumoshi is one of the few you should consider. This unit comes with a heavy-duty body and design. The handle is comfortable and convenient. There is also a fishing wheel that has all the necessary parts you need.

As for the best applications, you can use this unit for ocean boat fishing, lake and beach fishing, or even when rock fishing. It comes with a right hand retrieve and a reasonable speed ratio. This is why you can minimize missed opportunities by using this product.

In terms of accuracy, you will love what this product has to offer. The counter is also quite accurate for helping you achieve productivity in the water.

8. Daiwa Saltist

Daiwa Saltist

Let’s taking a look at the Daiwa Saltist levelwind line counter reel, this is an extremely popular line counter reel in this area. Great line counter reel for salmon trolling, trout and lakers type of fishing that we do up here in great lake area. Daiwa did a great job with this Daiwa Saltist of the levelwind the levelwind is really beefed up you can see the size that worm gear there, they made it really huge so that it’s gonna have that reliability that you’re looking for that’s the one thing with with levelwind reels that you worry about is that.

The Daiwa Saltist Levelwind is gonna go but they really beefed it off it’s got the nice O-ring here and it’s been out for about two years now and I’ve had very minimal problems with the guys who take good care of their reels that levelwind the rest of reel hold up really well.



This one is versatile and it’s made for both freshwater and saltwater applications. With its huge line capacity and aluminum construction, it can land on big buddies easily. It is durable because of the die-cast aluminum building material. It comes up with a unique crossbar design. This design provides anglers direct access to the spool.

This small line counter reel from Shimano comes up with better line management and a great level wind system. The bearings of this reel are corrosion resistant. This feature makes the reel pretty durable and smooth. The bearing system of this reel contains 3 ball bearings with 1 roller bearing. It comes up with right hand retrieve. The maximum drag force of this reel is 18 lbs. This drag force is huge. You can hook up big fishes easily.

It comes up with an aluminum frame, aluminum side plate, and aluminum spool. All die-cast aluminum construction makes the reel durable and lightweight. It weighs only 13 Oz. The gear ratio of this reel is 4.2: 1. This gear ratio is enough, isn’t it?

10. Penn Squall Lever Drag 2

Penn Squall Lever Drag 2

If you want more power and control in your hands and do not mind investing a bit more than normal then this Penn reel might just be what you are looking for. Do you want to go after the big fishes in deep water? Then, this reel is definitely one you can take as your weapon. First of all, it has a nice strong build. It is made of graphite which is not just lightweight but also durable. The lightweight helps to keep your hands free of as much strain as possible. Then, it comes equipped with a Dura-Drag system which is super powerful and also smooth. Furthermore, you get to shift between two speeds to have more control over how you fish. Apparently, shifting between the two speeds is not even hard with this reel’s convenient design.

There are four stainless steel ball bearings with one anti-reverse one. In fact, the stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials used in the frame and overall build keep this reel functioning for years. It is one of the greatest options for saltwater fishing. Apart from all that, the reel has a good line capacity and keeps track of the line’s depth well. You can easily check the line condition thanks to the capacity rings attached on this reel.


How Is A Trolling Reel Different From A Baitcasting Reel?

While trolling reels and baitcasting reels may look very similar and in fact, may be quite similar, there is one big difference between them. The difference is that while baitcasting reels enable you to cast the line, trolling reels do not. In fact, you only drop the line smoothly and directly into the water to cover depth instead of distance.

How to decide action and rod length?

Rod length and action depends on the type of fishes you are looking to catch. Ideally, a short and stiff rod are preferable. So whether you use a long or short line, the stiff rod lets you control efficiently.

Why spinning reel gets tangled?

The most common cause of a tangled line is due to overrunning of the reel. It causes a slack, and when you close the bail, it forms a loop in the spinning wheel. So it is best to avoid overruns, you should control the spinning reel.

Why use a line counter reel?

A trolling reel with a line counter is often used for trolling for walleye, salmon fishing, striped bass fishing, lake trout fishing, kokanee and steelhead fishing, or bumping for catfish. You can match the depth of your bait to the depth of the fish. When depth control is critical, use a line counter reel.

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